Sanam Khatibi

Rivers in your mouth

07.09.2017 > 28.10.2017

Rue de Livourne 35 Livornostraat


Iranian born, Brussels based Sanam Khatibi will have her first solo show at the gallery in our space at 35 rue de Livourne.

Sanam Khatibi’s work which consists of paintings, embroideries, tapestries, and sculptures deals with animality, and our primal impulses. The core of her practice interrogates our relationship to power structures, specifically the duality between triumph and failure. Her female portagonists live on their impulses in alluring, exotic landscapes as she questions our relationship with excess, loss of control, bestiality, the male-female dynamics, domination and submission. They are ambiguous with their relationship to power, violence, sensuality and each other. Khatibi instinctively highlights the thin line that exists between fear and desire, and how closely they are interrelated. Wildlife and animals are an integral part of her practice, and her subjects are often depicted within the same plane as the flora and fauna.